Let’s talk marble,

which is all the rage right now in the design world. It may come as a surprise that we generally do not recommend it to our clients, there are clients that consider it a non-negotiable. Recently, we’ve designed single projects with a marble floor, marble backsplash, and marble countertops.

Why We Don’t Recommend Marble

If you google Marble, you’ll see the issues firsthand, but I wanted to spend some time on this as it’s a very important topic.  Marble is simply not as durable as often believed. Marble etches. It scratches. It discolors. Marble is porous. In other words, it readily absorbs liquids. That means oil, water, wine, juice or other spills penetrate very quickly into the stone, and they are hard, if not impossible to get out. Marble’s beauty often leaves people undeterred by this eventuality.  Sealers work and can help but honestly, I have never seen a marble countertop not etch in my 15 years in business.

Recommendations If You Do Choose Marble

First of all, you must be realistic and accept this risk if you go down this route.

Next, make sure you are buying marble from the same “lot”.  Since marble is a natural product, different “lots “mean different Carrara. In other words, one Carrara marble from Floor and Décor may not look like the Carrara marble from Traditions in Tile. Even in the same store “lots” can differ.

If you purchase marble, know that etching is inevitable. What exactly does this mean?  It means there will be damage to your countertops. Water can discolor it. Lemon and wine and oil even worse. In other words, and what I stress to my clients, “if you use your kitchen you may want to think twice about marble. If you don’t use your kitchen and want to have a model home, then purchase it for sure.” There is nothing more beautiful.  Even sharp knives, heavy pots or even mugs may chip the marble or even break off a corner. This is such a risk that many fabricators won’t install Marble even with a signed contract stating they know and accept the risk.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line, please educate yourself. Keep in mind, countertop companies want to sell you their product…. Ask questions before making a costly and unnecessary choice in the materials you choose for your home.

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