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This is hard to narrow down. A typical refinishing job can run you 3000-5000.00 depending on the size of your kitchen. If you want all new doors and drawer fronts you can double that. A new kitchen anywhere from 35,000 and up.

A typical refinishing job will take 5-7 days. If we are adding new doors or carpentry items, you can expect another 1-2 days. Countertops will add to the schedule as well as a backsplash. We coordinate the entire project for you, so it is seamless.  We let you know when to schedule your own contractors if that is a direction you take. We will provide a detailed calendar for you to review.  If you are doing a full remodel of your kitchen or bathroom project, it will take 4-6 weeks.

Yes. But, we believe the remodeling industry can be difficult to navigate. There are many options on the market right now as the economy is booming. At CCFF, we believe it is best to offer all services in one place so our clients can not only have the peace of mind through the process but can update their kitchen with multiple budgetary options. If you have a small budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great kitchen. Our company was founded on this principle and we pride ourselves in offering a lot of options.

This is by far one of the biggest items we tackle for homeowners. When an entirely new kitchen is not needed but a larger island is desired, or you’d like to add a trash cabinet, microwave cabinet or pot drawers, for example, we can handle this for you as well. We can also work with your existing layout and add a new hood, crown moldings, custom glass doors or light rail molding

Yes, we are fully insured with both liability insurance and worker’s comp. We can provide certificates as proof of insurance.

We are Wellborn and Wolf cabinet dealer. We also carry K & B and U.S. Cabinets. Depending on your budget we have a cabinet for you. All of the new cabinets we offer are all-wood box construction and come with solid-wood, dovetail joined drawers with soft close action. We offer midrange manufactured to high-end custom cabinets. We also use professional millwork company’s to make custom doors if needed and drawer boxes.

We offer a free 1-hour consultation in your home to discuss your project. We can provide 3D renderings for any new builds for a small charge. If you decide to use our company for your project, we credit that fee back through your invoice.

We opened our doors in 2005. The majority of our staff and partners have been working together for the entire 13 years. We have learned the proper way to refinish cabinets. We have large spray booths and high-end sprayer to accomplish the smooth finish cabinets require.  We use high-end paint and do not cut corners to save money. Our paint is distributed to professionals only.

If you like the cabinet doors you have now, and they are in good shape, refinishing is for you. It is the most economical way to update your space. If your cabinets are laminate, maple, MDF or cherry you are a great candidate for this In general, cabinets can be stained darker or painted.  Oak cabinets are very poor candidates for refinishing. If you refinish them in a solid color, the grain will show through the paint so we recommend all new doors and drawer fronts.

No. We do not add plastic or veneer to any face frames. We believe in refinishing the entire box so it all matches. Over time wood doors may yellow and the veneer may stay the same. We can also paint the inside of your cabinets, so they match your new doors and drawer fronts.

We have hundreds of reviews online. We can also provide a reference list if you’d like to speak to our clients direct about their experience.

Yes, we build mudroom cabinets, office cabinets, and bookcases.

Our designers will invite you into the CCFF showroom to make all your selections. They can help with countertops, tile, hardware, paint colors, cabinet accessories, sinks, faucets etc.

We will set up a pre-site measure with one of our project managers to go over the job and discuss any questions you may have in regards to the process. We will also be confirming the job scope and items that you selected with you.

Yes, after all of your items are ordered and confirmed from our vendors we will reach out to schedule your job . This is not only imperative for our crews but will keep your project running smoothly without delays. A kitchen and bath remodel has numerous moving parts without one part the entire job may halt.

It is not recommended as it will require a change order and contract revision. This will delay ordering and scheduling. We recommend all decisions be made prior to the pre-site measure with your designer.

Yes, all cabinets and countertops and personal belongings should be removed from the space we are working in. We do not pack up kitchens or bathrooms. We will handle all the cleaning and sanding of your cabinets so you do not need to do any prep work here.

Most people do opt to install new updated hardware during the refinishing portion. We offer this service as well. We will fill and drill for new hardware so you can chose any size you want.  These items will need to be on the job site the day we start your project if you are purchasing them on your own or of course we can order them for you from our vendors.

No we do not do a final walk through as we do walk through’s during the entire project. We will need you to sign-off on the carpentry, paint and backsplash during the course of the project. This also ensures that your job finishes on time and without delays or redo’s.

If you hire CCFF to project manage your job we will schedule our fabricators for removal, template and install . We will need you to sign off on the template to confirm you are getting exactly what you want.  Once the stone is cut, it can’t be repaired. You’ll also be able to look at seam layout to determine where you want the seam to go. Of course, we will guide you as needed.

Yes. You will just need to coordinate all of the dates with your fabricator and ensure that they show up on the days that are scheduled. If they do not, your job maybe delayed.

We will be tenting during the painting portion only. During the other parts of your project we do use drop clothes and will leave it boom swept clean every night before leaving. We do not tent during any other portion of the project except painting. All remodels will be dusty. There is no way around it. We usually recommend you plan a through clean after the project is 100% completed.

We have partners we will bring in if needed . You will work directly with them and pay them direct. We do not mark this service up. You may also chose your own plumbers and electricians. You would just need to schedule and manage them on your own.

No. We entrust in our crews and vendors to handle the project. They are seasoned professionals and have been working with us for many years. Of course, our project managers will stop in periodically to see how it is progressing and will be in touch with you daily on the schedule and or questions.

Our project managers will email you nightly between the hours of 4:00-6:00 with the schedule for the next day.

This is very unlikely. We schedule our countertop install 5-6 days after template. This is a very fast turn around time in the industry for countertops to be installed. It takes take for our fabricators time to cut your stone after template and polish it.

– Refinishing 5-7 days.

– Light Carpentry and refinishing 7-9 days.

– Carpentry, countertops, paint and backsplash 3 weeks -4 weeks.

– All new kitchen 4-6 weeks.

– New Bathroom 4-6 weeks.

We use a propriety blend made for cabinets. It is not lacquer or latex or oil. It is a blend. We do not use “homeowner paint “ like Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore or Behr. We can match these colors if needed but cabinets require professional grade paint due to the daily wear and tear they experience.

We only spray. We have industrial paint booths in our facility where we spray your doors and fronts. This ensures for a smooth finish. Your cabinets boxes will be sprayed in your home.

Yes. You should expect touch ups, drywall repair, and mudding. We do not offer this service as our painters are refinishers. It would be more costly to hire our team to handle wall painting so we recommend you hire .

It all depends. Right now, the kitchen and bath industry is experiencing an unusually high demand across the country.  Due in part to the demand and container issues overseas many items are backordered and are experiencing unusually high lead times. Hardest hit right now are appliances, tile and all new cabinets.  Some lead times are pushing 14-16 weeks. If you are in a rush, we recommend being flexible on items. If your tile is backordered, chose another tile. If you are cooktop is not available, look at other models that may be easier to get.