It’s Time to Play ‘Do You Know Your Kitchen Top Material?’

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Welcome to everyone’s favorite game show, “Do You Know Your Kitchen Top Material?” In today’s show, we’re going to put your countertop knowledge to the test, giving you a description of a countertop material to see if you can guess it based on our clues.

The rules are easy!

We’ll tell you a few facts, and you’ll have to guess which countertop material fits the description. Let’s play!

Let the Games Begin!

Material No. 1

The Clues:

The first material in today’s game is a natural stone that can match any home with its light and dark tones. This is a strong material that is resistant to chips and cracks, so homeowners often choose this for its longevity and practicality. This is a high-end material that is not porous, which means it will not hold bacteria. This feature is great for cleanliness, which is a huge selling point for active kitchens and even bathrooms.

Here are a few more clues to help you out:

  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Variety of colors

Time to turn in your answers, contestants. What’s your guess?

The Answer is: Quartz

Material No. 2

The Clues:

This next material is probably the most commonly known countertop material, and it’s a primary source of one of Georgia’s more prominent natural landmarks. This is a highly attractive material that is versatile in its usage, being creatively utilized to transform modern aesthetics and design trends.

Here are a few notable qualities of this material:

  • Heat-resistant
  • Timeless
  • Variety of colors

Contestants, any guesses?

The Answer is: Granite

Material No. 3

The Clues:

Are you smarter than the average DIYer? Let’s find out in our final round. This is a countertop material that typically offers a light appearance, offering elegance and modern charm to any kitchen. Stronger and more durable than the two previous materials, this material is a great alternative to marble because it offers similar aesthetic benefits while still being an incredibly hardy surface.

Still stumped? Here are a few hints that might help you:

  • Harder than other materials
  • Classy appearance
  • Easy maintenance

Contestants, can you name material No. 3?

The Answer is: Quartzite

And Now… Today’s Prize!

That’s all the time we have for today. Every contestant of today’s game goes home with something in hand, well, in mind. Today’s game was a great exercise to objectively look at the pros and cons of the different kitchen countertop materials. If you’re in the market for kitchen renovation and were on the fence about what material to use, we hope today’s game helped you find the best material for you!

The Fun is Just Beginning!

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