How to Choose a Company to Refinish Your Cabinets (10 questions to ask)

So you have decided it’s time to update your kitchen cabinets. Like most people, you have opted to have a professional take on this job versus doing it yourself.

Here are 10 very important questions to ask every company you talk to about refinishing your cabinets:

  1. What is your “process” (removal of doors, hardware, prep work, finishing applications, installation) from start to finish?
  2. How are my surrounding areas (countertops, backsplash, furniture, appliances, floors, adjoining rooms, etc.) protected?
  3. How are all the products you use (sealers, paint, stain, topcoat) applied to the cabinet doors and drawers (spraying, rolling, etc.)
  4. Are the doors and drawers taken off-site to a temperature-controlled environment?
  5. Are the backs of the cabinet doors finished?
  6. What do you use to protect the cabinets after the finish is applied? And how many coats?
  7. Are your products specifically designed for cabinetry finishes and do they meet all standards for furniture, kitchen cabinet and millwork association for US standards?
  8. What is your time frame from start to finish for completing my kitchen cabinets?
  9. How many days will my kitchen be “unusable?
  10. Do you have carpentry services available for any “finishing work” that needs to be completed? (light rail molding added, side panels finished, trim added, etc.)

You will find that the cost of refinishing your cabinets will vary from company to company. There are painters, and there are cabinet refinishers. Make sure you ask these questions to ensure that you are getting the highest level of quality and durability. Be sure to compare “apples to apples” when looking at each company you talk to. We all want to get the “best price” – the cheapest deal we can. But you need to look at refinishing your cabinets as an “investment” in your home. What you are paying for is the knowledge of experts, labor of experienced skilled professionals and the results of a beautiful and long-lasting cabinet finish.

This is what happens when you don’t hire the right company for the job

This kitchen began peeling one year after it was painted. It wasn’t just in areas where there was heat and water. The paint was peeling near the crown molding. CCFF was hired to clean up the other company’s poor paint job. After sanding and cleaning the cabinets before the paint was applied, the paint crew discovered the cabinets were never primed. Priming wood cabinets is required for a factory smooth durable finish.

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