Help! My painter botched my job

Lately, we’ve been inundated with calls from clients who’ve had their cabinets painted by house painters and are unhappy with the finish. While these companies are often great with tackling basic interior walls and trim, they usually don’t have the experience with refinishing or painting cabinets. So I thought I’d talk about some key questions you should ask before hiring a company to paint your cabinets. With over 14 years in business, we’ve learned a few tricks to get the “smooth” finish that’s an absolute must!

Do your painters spray in a paint booth?

This is the most important question you can ask!

When spraying cabinets, there is an overspray that will settle. The overspray makes the finish rough, almost like sandpaper. A paint booth is a controlled environment where the overspray is sucked out before it can settle. A lot of painters set up shop in garages or even in your own home. Ask this important question, and you may save yourself some headaches.

There are literally hundreds of paints on the market. A lot of painter’s use oil, because it’s cheap and durable, however, it tends to crack over time and it often yellows after a couple of years. If you want a long-term finish this is not the way to go! There’s also lacquer. Lacquer is durable and has a good finish when applied correctly. However, it’s bad for the environment and gives off fumes which may be bad for you and the worker’s health. And of course, there’s basic latex paint that simply won’t hold up to the daily use of cabinets.

We use a specific grade of paint only sold to professionals! It’s been developed and used by the top cabinet manufacturers across the country and is what is found on brand new cabinets.

Lastly, a big pet peeve of mine… Make sure your painters are removing your doors from the hinges before they paint. It’s simply never OK to paint hinges. Aside from being ugly, it raises a big red flag!

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