Knobs, Pulls and Closures, The Right Hardware Can Make or Break Your Kitchen Design

Accessorize Your Kitchen with the Right Hardware

Great kitchen design, a complementing color scheme and new appliances can truly transform a home, but it’s sometimes the little details that make a difference. Just like the perfect outfit needs the right pair of shoes, your new kitchen will need the right hardware to accentuate your updates and bring together the natural beauty of the design. Even the most tastefully designed kitchens can be botched with the wrong hardware, but don’t worry, our Marietta, GA, friends! Our kitchen design team is here today to guide you through the importance of kitchen hardware and how it can perfect a design if chosen correctly.

Kitchen Hardware: Where to Begin?

So much thought and effort go into choosing the right flooring, the right wall color and so on, but the knobs and hinges of your kitchen can contribute just as much if done right. The first aspect of kitchen hardware to consider is the material it’s made from.

Below are a few examples of what material your kitchen hardware can be made from:

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Crystal
  • Stainless Steel

Another aspect to consider is the style of the hardware. Do you want knobs or pulls? Making this decision can affect the overall feel of your kitchen. Knobs are typically—but not always—round, providing a subtle aesthetic that won’t impede; knobs generally won’t steal the thunder of another design element. Pulls are more of a rod-like handle that add more straight edges and lines, which is an especially complementary aspect if you have an angular, modern and bold design—though some pulls may have rounded edges for contrast. Pulls take up a little more real estate, helping them to stand out more in the overall design of your kitchen.

Hardware Styles


From a simple black to brushed nickel, the modern look is a refreshing and humble look that can mesh with any palette. Giving a neutral look while still beautifying a kitchen, hardware with a contemporary flare impresses guests and can sometimes be the budget-friendly option, making this option a win-win in some instances. In kitchen design, “simple” shouldn’t have a negative connotation—it’s that simple and minimalistic feel that really highlights the beauty and staying power of a modern kitchen.


Hardware that adds a classy, elegant vibe can add appeal and appeal to the look of a kitchen. Brass is a timeless hardware material that adds a bold and hardy look to any cabinet design scheme—with the ability to meld with anything from simple or elaborate design.


If you’re looking for a kitchen with character and charm, then the rustic look might just be for you. It’s a look that gives a homey, lived-in and loved feeling while maintaining that element only a professional designer and installer can provide. Rustic hardware brings a unique, creative and eye-catching design to any kitchen. Think of the charm, distinctiveness and individuality a waterfall faucet brings to the overall feel of a kitchen—that’s what rustic-inspired hardware can provide for your kitchen design.

Don’t Stress Over the Details—We Can Help!

Even the smallest details make a significant impact on your overall design. As kitchen design professionals in Marietta, GA, for over a decade, we can take on your project, providing a beautiful design all the way down to the hardware. Ready to beautify your home and take your kitchen to the next level? Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes is here to help. For a free, in-home consultation, contact us today at (770) 693-1896. Our team is ready to take your call. For inspiration and to keep up with our latest projects, follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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