Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes, Your Kitchen Design Atlanta Provider Shares Insights From The 2019 KBIS


Thoughts From Kitchen Design Atlanta Provider, Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes, on the 2019 KBIS

At Creative Cabinets we are always looking ahead to new design trends and functionality improvements but most importantly, what appears to be the best of value and style in kitchen and bath refinishing. For our team, no time of year is better than now as this is when the best vendors, designers and companies come together to share ideas and creatively bond at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, also known as KBIS. And, this year Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes, your Kitchen Design Atlanta specialists, were excited to send several members of our core team to check out the KBIS and see what is HOT, what is INNOVATIVE and what presents the best WOW effect for our clients’ kitchen and bath updating projects.

Your Kitchen Design Atlanta Experts Ask, Can Kitchen and Bath Design Be Art?

Okay, let’s face it there are some aspects of the kitchen and bath areas that when it comes to functionality, can tend be nothing to get excited about. At least that used to be the thought, a sink was sink and a faucet was a faucet. Wrong! When it comes to functionality, the latest styles for kitchens and baths show you can have both functionality and style that is innovative and hot. At this year’s KBIS, nothing illustrated this better than in the use of color and shapes to present not just functional pieces for the K&B areas, but to incorporate contemporary uses of shapes and sleek lines that make kitchen cabinets both functional and sleek!


One of the most amazing stand-out ideas for our team was the use of color and print in everything from appliances to sinks. Look out stainless steel, Millenials and Gen Xers are seeking ways to make a statement with the smallest details in their homes and with the use of bright colors and patterns, they may have just found the perfect way to do it.

Merged Living…Kitchen floor plans are enlarging and other rooms are scaling down.

Some of the biggest trends to look for involve mixing everyday life with functionality. On average homes across America are measuring in at 37 years old. This means that when it comes to home value and budgets, most homeowners are trying to update their homes in one form or another. And, what brings the most value to a home? Kitchen and bath updates of course.

Like many young families, most starter homes are in the older range yet, families are seeking ways to incorporate more communal living styles; seeing the kitchen as a place to gather and cook together. Homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate open, range island areas into their plans while making use of their current cabinetry to get the most bang for their budget. And, many homeowners are finding cabinet refacing and refinishing as a great solution that allows them to affordably update both kitchen and baths while increasing home value, functionality and style.

Along with the trends of updating rather than full renovations, many homeowners are also seeking out more ways to incorporate smart-home technology into their everyday lives. Finding appliances that allow them to comfortably control their daily functions from a cell phone. Or, multi-tasking by welcoming the television into the kitchen where the refrigerator displays its contents on a smart screen and the cook can create exciting meals guided by Gordon Ramsay himself, right on the screen.

What About The Bath?

Technology innovation does not stop at the kitchen, brace yourself as many homeowners seek out ways to make the bathroom a luxurious getaway. Whether new smart mirrors, sound systems that lull you into relaxation or new automated shower and faucet designs, the bathroom is stepping out of necessity to become a place of comfort, solitude and at times…communication.


More KBIS Trends To Watch For

Some of the biggest changes and new trends from the KBIS involve the use of paint and cabinetry. Traditional kitchens that embraced whimsical, ultra- feminine, country styles are GONE! Taking their place is sleek, strong lines, and colors that make statements.

CCFF, Your Kitchen Design Atlanta Specialists offer a few trends to watch for:

  • Strong lines
  • Brass accents
  • Internal organization 
  • Paint is leading on the diversification of colors. For example, Kitchen perimeter and Island: both different painted finishes vs. Perimeter: paint and Island: stain.
  • Paint and stain combinations in cabinets are big and getting bigger.
  • 3 colors in kitchen are possible if used well and trending.
  • Textural finishes are HUGE: cement looking countertop, reclaimed wood, matte finish hardware. Mixing textures is highly desired.
  • Refined linear approach with textural finishes are all the rage!
  • Appliances that make a statement, stainless steel is still strong but, statement pieces can take on colors that are retro and even artwork inspired.

HINT: Looking for some great updating ideas for your kitchen bath think matte colors of gray, black and deep blue.

Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes, Your Kitchen Design Atlanta Team KBIS Closing Thoughts

While the Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes team really enjoyed the KBIS, the best part, for all of us, is the fantastic new ideas we came away with. And, that we are excited to share with our clients. If you are a homeowner that is looking for ways to update your kitchen and bath but don’t see a full renovation in your future, Creative Cabinets can offer you budget-friendly designs that are full of style, functionality and wow-factor.

Your Home. More Beautiful.

Our creative team of experts can offer you ideas that you never thought possible through the techniques of refacing and refinishing. The difference? We hold over 14 years experience and use only the most professional processes and techniques in our work. Are you looking to update your kitchen or bath while bringing beauty and style to your home? Contact your Kitchen Design Atlanta experts, Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes for a FREE, In-home Consultation Now or Call Us at: (770) 693-1896.

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