Could Bath Refinishing Be the Key to Your Home Sale?

Realtors Agree That Cabinet Refinishing Makes for an Easy Sell

Throughout our lives, we’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, that’s not the mentality home buyers have when shopping for a new house. During a showing or open house, shoppers will notice every corner, every inch of a home. According to For Sale by Owner, the bathroom is one of the more remarked rooms in a house, making it important to stage when on the market – given its private and personal purpose. Shoppers want to imagine feeling comfortable the homes they’re looking to buy, especially when it comes to the bathroom, which is why our cabinet refinishing professionals are here to shed some light on the importance of revamping your bath cabinets before putting your home on the market.

How Cabinet Refinishing Makes All the Difference on the Market

Make Your Bathroom a Priority When Selling

The Spruce is among the many sources and trusted industry professionals that recommend prioritizing your bath and kitchen when putting your home on the market, and here’s why. When potential shoppers see a wall color they don’t like, they don’t immediately lose interest in the house altogether – since painting a room is a relatively easy job. Additionally, sellers who choose to overhaul their home with a major project such as new floors might not get their money’s worth out of the project once the property sells.

Bath Updates Can Be Affordable and Beneficial

For the price paid, cabinet refinishing is a smart investment for homeowners selling their property. This option retains the functionality of existing cabinetry while giving the appearance of fresh, well-maintained cabinets and drawers. This is important for potential buyers because the bathroom is where they’ll keep their toothbrush and other toiletries, making the cleanliness and appearance of this room as important as the kitchen. Cabinet refinishing is a relatively inexpensive project since the cabinets will be reused, making the beautiful end result worth it just that much more.

Impress Potential Buyers with a Fresh Bath

Oftentimes, we’re desensitized to our own messes, whereas an outside point-of-view might exaggerate someone else’s mess in their heads, especially in a bathroom. That being said, worn-out sinks and scuffed cabinetry in your bathroom might send up red flags to potential buyers – when in reality, these are just surface-level cosmetic imperfections. Regardless, homeowners who put their property on the market should be aware of their bathrooms’ imperfections and address them by opting for cabinet refinishing, which would give your bathroom an entirely fresh look.

Go the extra mile by staging your bathroom along with the rest of your home. Make sure the counters are free of excessive toiletries, your towel racks have clean towels and cloths on them, and the bathroom is clean as a whistle and smells fresh.

Freshen Up Your Bath with Creative Cabinets

We want the sale of your home to go as smoothly as possible while you look forward to this new chapter in your life. With Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes, you will work alongside our knowledgeable professionals who will help equip your home with the latest trends and all top-rated products, ensuring that your home is nothing but beautiful when it’s on the market. For a free, in-home consultation, contact us today at (770) 693-1896. Our team is ready to take your call. To keep up with our latest projects, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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