Check Out The Newest Tile Trends For Summer 2018

Porcelain, ceramic, marble, patterns, textures…. with so many choices out there how do you choose the best tile for your space? As designers, we make it our job to keep up with the trends. A great place to start….a trip to the “Big Apple” of course!

CCFF just returned from NYC and hit some of the best tile stores in the country.

Trending now, chic and stylish options are replacing dull white tiles. Texture is super popular right now. Textured tiles can add depth to your space. Take a standard white ceramic tile and add 3-D dimension and watch your space pop!

The concrete effect is also trending. Imagine the more “industrial look” . Metals are also very trendy for 2018. Copper hues and stainless steel can give the unexpected wow factor to your space.

One of my favorite new trends is patterned tile. You can see it everywhere! It is just starting to sneak into the Atlanta market, which is traditionally more conservative. From stamped concrete to bright hues it’s starting to make its mark! It is showing up in some of the most stylish kitchen and bathrooms in town. Fun patterns can be seen in laundry rooms and even back-splashes.

Overall, the best word to describe 2018’s tile trends would be “BOLD”. Tiles don’t have to be boring, they can make a BIG statement in your home !

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