CCFF Celebrates its First 10 Years: Our Story So Far

Wow, how time flies! Owner/Founder, Jennifer Hill started CCFF in 2005. Her children were young and in some early formative years, therefore she was pursuant of a part time business venture-so she picked up a paint brush, and her journey began. In the first 2 years Jennifer started to craft her art form and did most of the cabinet finishing herself, rolling and brushing all finishes. Over time, and driven by her passion for quality, Jennifer realized she needed to provide a better cabinet finish for her client’s. So she bought a spray gun and started spraying cabinets in her basement and her back deck-causing some stares from the neighbors.

As the business grew Jennifer realized a need for help. She then asked her long-time friend Susan to grab her brush and join her. The two complemented each other well, and are still working side-by-side today. They alone accomplished all of CCFF’s work. They removed all doors, washed, sanded and prepped them themselves. They learned how to spray the finishes. These two housewives could be seen transporting all the doors and drawers in their mini-vans across town and installing them back into their client’s homes. Often times they found themselves covered in paint, hauling doors and heavy tables, and laughing amid enjoyable, yet hard work.


Over time, the workload grew. Phone calls increased as the demand for cabinet refinishing was growing. In 2007, CCFF contracted United Brother’s Painting to take over the cabinet spraying & prepping allowing Jennifer & Susan to focus on glazing & running the business. Business growth brought on the need for more space. Jennifer’s basement & backyard were no longer suitable. CCFF leased a small 500 sq. ft. warehouse in Woodstock, GA. Over the next 2 years, CCFF expanded, taking on 2 more spaces in the same facility to keep up with demand for its services.

As the refinishing business kept growing, Jennifer often found her clients asking questions about design and layout. To help her clients and broaden her expertise, Jennifer studied on line to truly understand NKBA recommendations in order to help her client’s with basic layouts and design options. From these foundational basics, it has broadened into custom designs and full remodels. Jennifer realized a need for a stronger talent base and has put together a fantastic team of experienced contractors.

CCFF became the recipient of the 2013-2015 Best of Houzz award in both Design and Service.To make sure CCFF continued to provide the best customer service in the industry Jennifer brought in Chad Davis to help project manage and head up the paint crews and work alongside United Brother’s Painting. Additionally, CCFF brought on Pam Powell as Office Manager and Cindy Curran as purchasing and warehouse manager to help facilitate the operations and continued growth. With multiple paint crews, granite contractors, appliance vendors, tile sources and carpenters, CCFF has assembled an incredibly talented team that delivers amazing work.

With a growing need for social media management and marketing, Jennifer now leverages Susan’s creativity and savvy to lead all marketing efforts. She has not only designed CCFF’s beautiful website and CCFF Facebook page, but has become quite a force in the areas of search engine optimization, digital and social marketing. However, you’ll still see Susan with her hands covered in glaze as she still retains her love for the artistry of refinishing.

Over the years, CCFF has seen continued success, and now has moved to a larger 3,000 square foot warehouse facility. The new space includes an open showroom so clients can not only seek design counsel and cabinetry options but can experience our finishing process and see our work firsthand. We continue to discover new ways to better serve our clients one of which is CCFF’s sister company Creative Home Accessories, LLC that will offer custom, one of a kind, furniture, lights, and accent pieces for the home.

Our clients have been the reason for CCFF’s success. But we are proud to recognize the achievements made through hard work, our amazingly talented crew, and the contractor’s who have been carefully selected throughout our ten years. We continue to pride ourselves on great customer service and a continued desire to improve ourselves, to better the business, and bring new ideas to our clients.

Jennifer and her team truly thank you for all your support through the years. We know that without our fans and clients CCFF would not be where we are today!

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