Botched Kitchen Renovation Finally Beautiful Again

Understanding Quarter Round: A Guide for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Atlanta homeowners in the upscale West Midtown area were so excited to finally begin their kitchen renovation. They hired a contractor last June to install a new Island, new doors and drawers and rework the oven wall.

Six months later, the kitchen was still not even close to being finished. The homeowners went months without their kitchen in hopes that the contractor would do the right thing and finish the job correctly. It looked like this:


After finally giving up on the contractor coming back to finish the job, CCFF was called in to fix the terrible job left unfinished and a complete disaster. CCFF finished the job in 7 days.

When we got there we realized the contractor had used regular plywood to cut doors and drawer fronts. The doors were literally falling off and were not measured correctly. The drawers did not slide out. The paint job was horrific. It appears regular house paint was used on the cabinets. You could literally scratch it off,” tells Jenna Hill, owner of CCFF.

We basically had to remove everything and start all over again. We custom ordered all new shaker doors, panels and trim pieces. We ordered new drawer boxes and all new hardware and reattached everything correctly. We then sanded everything down and painted the cabinets with high quality paint.


Kitchen renovations by CCFF included the following:

  • New Shaker style doors
  • Shaker drawer fronts
  • New drawer boxes
  • Shaker style panels
  • Trim pieces & moldings
  • New hardware that includes new soft-close hinges and rails
  • Top Knob Cabinet handle and cup pulls


We thought who better to tell the complete story of their experience than the homeowners themselves. So in their own words, here is what they had to say:

“After a painful (learning) experience with a less-than stellar contractor, we hired CCFF to come in and “fix” our botched kitchen renovation. We went into the project with conservative expectations, considering the amount of work that would need to be done to repair the damage.  CCFF blew those expectations out of the water! Not only did they show genuine empathy for the sideways process we’d already been through, but they very clearly were doing everything in their power to make sure they were going to be able to put our puzzle back together.  There were so many eyes on this project, we truly felt taken care of. Jenna and her team were great with making design suggestions regarding paint colors, hardware, etc. as well as functional design elements.  The project started two days after we had initially thought it would start, but the communication was excellent and we were assured that the later start date wouldn’t delay our “deadline.” In fact, it was completed a day SOONER than expected.  We are absolutely THRILLED with the finished product and most pleased with the level of service and professionalism with which we were shown. It’s truly been a breath of fresh air after the last 6 months we’ve had! THANK YOU!” We will be recommending this company to all our friends and will no doubt be repeat customers. This job was worth every penny to us! Having the peace of mind knowing it would be done in a timely manner and CORRECTLY is priceless. We really can’t thank you enough.”

After 6 months without a kitchen, these homeowners finally have the dream kitchen they have always wanted. They learned a lot about hiring the right company for the job and are absolutely thrilled that they found CCFF that finished their project in 7 days!

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Jenna Hill

Founded by Jennifer Hill in 2005, Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes is a women-owned company that was born from a personal kitchen redesign project. As Jennifer navigated the complexities of sourcing products, materials, and trustworthy subcontractors during her own home renovation, she realized the significant challenges homeowners face during home improvement projects. Determined to simplify this process, she established CCFF. For over a decade, CCFF has been dedicated to designing and refinishing kitchens and baths across Metro-Atlanta. Over the years, the company has honed its methods and curated the finest products to ensure a seamless and enjoyable home improvement experience for its clients.

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