10 Reasons Cabinet Refacing is the Best Budget Alternative

The Aesthetic and Financial Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Another day, another year goes by, and you’re still looking at those same old cabinets. You’ve had a vision – a dream – in your head on how to spruce up your kitchen. Perhaps after talking to contractors, you’ve become discouraged with the price. Tens of thousands of dollars for new cabinets? But what if we told you the cabinets in your kitchen are still in their prime. They might just need some TLC – a touch-up or two. Well, our cabinet refacing experts are here to run down the aesthetic and financial benefits of getting your cabinets refaced.

Revamp Your Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing

Whether you want to keep your existing cabinets for sentimental reasons or to understandably save a few bucks, cabinet refacing is a completely practical, reasonable and logical solution. Refacing cabinets doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics, but it does help cut back on costs. Here are just a few reasons why refacing your cabinets could make sense for your project.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Layout

One of the best benefits of cabinet refacing is that you won’t have to completely redo your kitchen layout. Since your existing cabinets will stay, you can save by repurposing the kitchen as-is. The existing functionality and layout can go untouched, saving you thousands during this restoration process.

2. Going Green

If you’re going the route of refacing your cabinets rather than replacing them, then you can rest assured knowing that this option is eco-friendly. Considering very few materials will be thrown away, your project will make a minimal impact in a landfill. While minimizing your carbon footprint and improving your kitchen, this is a win-win.

3. Save on Materials

A major price factor for new remodels are the cost of the cabinets themselves. By foregoing all-new cabinets and opting to reface them, you’ll save up to 50 percent on the project in comparison to the price of brand-new cabinets.

4. Limitless Looks

You have a creative vision for your kitchen, and we certainly encourage and support that. Don’t think that revamping your current cabinets will tie your creative hands behind your back. Between beautiful finishes, an attractive veneer application or the possibilities of new doors, your cabinets can be the highlight of your new kitchen or bathroom.

5. Explore New Hardware

Refaced cabinets are a sensible and practical solution to wanting a new set of cabinets, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep the humdrum look of your current cabinets. Doors, drawer fronts, hinges and handles can all be replaced to give your cabinets a chic, fresh look. Your cabinets can earn a bold, elegant or attractive look with these small details.

6. Familiarity

“Where do we keep the silverware? Where’s my favorite mug?” With brand-new cabinets, your home will feel new – even in those frustrating ways. However, with refaced cabinets, you’ll get the fresh look of a new kitchen without the confusion of forgetting where everything is. All your favorite utensils and China sets can go right back where they’ve been for years. That being said, keep in mind that you can reimagine the shelving and other aspects if you desire.

7. Combine with New Cabinetry

Maybe you have a vision on how to utilize a small, unused nook – perhaps some cabinets and a counter would work really well there. Just because you want to add a few cabinets doesn’t mean you have to replace your existing ones. In many cases, your current cabinets can be refaced to match or complement a few all-new cabinets.

8. Save Your Budget for Elsewhere

Keeping the price as low as possible is, of course, a goal for any home project, but perhaps you want to save some money on your cabinets to make room in your budget for other upgrades. As mentioned in a previous point, refacing cabinets can cost up to 50 percent less than getting new cabinets. These savings can be spent on new countertops, an improved sink or other amenities to boost the appeal of your kitchen or bathroom.

9. Save Time

Opposed to getting new cabinets, which typically also come with other projects, refacing your cabinets can be a relatively short project. You won’t have to worry about extended periods of having to be home with a contractor. By saving time, you can get back to work quicker and resume everyday life as you know it – just now with a beautiful, reimagined kitchen or bathroom.

10. Keep Your Countertops

Do you have countertops you absolutely adore? You won’t have to sacrifice them! During the refacing process, your countertops most likely won’t have to be removed or replaced. By refacing, you’ll save that step and – more importantly – save that cost. Retain your counters and go without the extra investment of new countertops, which are usually purchased to complement new cabinets.

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